Eye-Fi Card: Success

About a week ago Woot! had a special for a last-generation 2G Eye-Fi SD card for $20, so I ordered one, and then a SD-to-CF adapter from Amazon. I had hopes that the combination would work in my eight-year-old Canon Digital Rebel dSLR.

The adapter arrived a few days ago, and the Eye-Fi card arrived today. After using its special USB SD reader to configure the card, I popped it in the adapter and loaded up the camera.

Took a picture, and a few seconds later it popped up in a window on my Mac with a progress meter as the uploaded completed. I also have the pictures automatically uploading (as Private) to my Flickr account.

For $45, I’m really happy – and the upload speed is a lot faster than using the camera’s built-in USB 1.1 as well. Here’s one of the test pictures.

Another Picture of Amy

An old friend of Amy contacted me today, as she’d just heard about what happened. Amy had been a bridesmaid in her wedding four years ago, but they’d dropped out of touch. However, she had some pictures!

Amy the Bridesmaid

Of course, Amy is in the back wearing blue.

Update: Nancy sent me two more pictures.

Amy the Bridesmaid 3

Amy the Bridesmaid 4

Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh

Thanks to a kind soul, I’ve been fiddling around with this since earlier this week:

Mini 9 - About This Mac

A Dell Mini 9, refurb from the Dell Outlet. 1024×600 screen, 16G solid-state disk, and an Atom N270 CPU. I’ve upgraded it to 2G of RAM, and just today installed the “US-International” keyboard to have a more “standard” layout.

I used this method to install Mac OS X on the system. It runs great – for the sort of things that I use it for, the performance is just as good (not as fast, but “just as good”) as my circa-2006 Core Duo 13″ MacBook.

Apple does not condone “hackintoshing”, but I would buy an Apple portable in this form factor if they would release one. I’ve owned thirteen different Apple systems in the past ten years.

The Mini 9 was discontinued a few weeks ago, but Dell replaced it with the Mini 10v. Three guys from my Masonic lodge have now ordered Mini 10v systems after seeing my Mini 9 earlier this week.

More pictures from Gray Lodge

Today I was the designated picture-taker for the Installation of Officers at Gray Lodge #329 for the 2009-2010 year. One of the Brothers brought his Nikon D60, and I used it instead of my Canon S3 IS. This was my first time using a SLR camera, and I’m smitten.

The pictures are here. I took right around 300 pictures, and ended up keeping most of them.

Now I really really want a Nikon D40, but can’t afford one for 2-3 years.

Fun Purchase of the Week

New old stock, found at a Houston stationery store.

Rolodex Cards Box

Rolodex Cards - End of Box

Rolodex Cards - Box Open

The actual purchase was a bit annoying; the seller insisted on counting the number of cards and basing the price on that, rather than just giving me a flat price for the entire box that had obviously been sitting on a shelf unsold for at least 18 years.

Inside a Masonic Lodge

I took some pictures of the inside of the Museum / Library / Lodge building today while I was there meeting up with a brother Mason.

Got some really good shots of the Lodge room proper, and I was able to make panoramic views from each officer’s position in the room.

I’m really proud of this shot:

Altar w/Spotlight