It’s all part of being me.

I hope my sense of humor or the links I post or subjects I talk about on here or on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ don’t offend anyone. I’m not out to cause a ruckus.

At the same time, however, if I have offended anyone, you’re free to politely let me know your opinions and then stop following me or reading the content that I post.

Sometimes I’m silly, sometimes I’m childish, sometimes I’m thought-provoking – it’s all part of being me.

One thought on “It’s all part of being me.

  1. I get you. My sense of humor is a mystery to many people. I have a very deadpan delivery and often sound like I’m bitter or complaining. I also dislike when others are dismissive and will point that out with (what I think) are dismissive statements of my own that are just a touch ludicrous.

    I go through phases with Twitter. Sometimes I am a bit over-indulgent, at least to the point where I realize that very few (if any) people are responding to me. At that point I start to feel irritated, then angry, then self-recriminating. Usually I fade away for awhile.

    Socializing is hard.

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