Project Completed – DIY Berkey Water Filter

Finished another weekend project – a DIY water filtration/purification system using Black Berkey filter elements. I like the Berkey filters, but $200+ for a Berkey Light system is a bit much. However, you can buy the filter elements separately and make your own water containment units.

I followed a procedure pretty close to what is detailed here, except I drilled four holes and used two nylon bolts with rubber washers and wingnuts to hold the lid to the bottom of the top bucket, instead of relying solely on the elements and their plastic wingnuts to do it.

Total cost: right around $125.

One thought on “Project Completed – DIY Berkey Water Filter

  1. Great setup!!! Just wanted to share a quick comment with you regarding the buckets you used… you should switch out the black buckets for any other color… the black dye is the only one which is not FDA approved food safe.

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