Eye-Fi Card: Success

About a week ago Woot! had a special for a last-generation 2G Eye-Fi SD card for $20, so I ordered one, and then a SD-to-CF adapter from Amazon. I had hopes that the combination would work in my eight-year-old Canon Digital Rebel dSLR.

The adapter arrived a few days ago, and the Eye-Fi card arrived today. After using its special USB SD reader to configure the card, I popped it in the adapter and loaded up the camera.

Took a picture, and a few seconds later it popped up in a window on my Mac with a progress meter as the uploaded completed. I also have the pictures automatically uploading (as Private) to my Flickr account.

For $45, I’m really happy – and the upload speed is a lot faster than using the camera’s built-in USB 1.1 as well. Here’s one of the test pictures.

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