I’m still here. Barely.

I’ve just been really swamped with work and lots of other stuff lately, plus I’ve tended to post shorter things to Facebook.

June 16th will be the one-year anniversary of Amy’s death. It doesn’t seem that long; it seems like a couple of weeks rather than twelve months. I’ve taken that week off work; this will be the first vacation I’ve had in over a year. Needless to say, I’m pretty burned out and stressed. My house is a mess because I’m too tired after work to clean, and too depressed some days to care.

Had to sell my MacBook to pay bills related to Amy’s passing. Don’t know when I’ll be able to afford another, as there are still more bills to pay.

I hope to spend the evening of the 16th out somehow with friends, but there are no concrete plans yet. I certainly don’t want to spend that day here at home alone.

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