Spreading the Media Player Love

Willa (my current ladyfriend) has been using an old decrepit laptop with a bad keyboard hooked up to her TV at home to watch NetFlix instant-streaming movies. I took pity on her as the “geeky boyfriend” and bought her a Roku HD Player (e.g., “NetFlix Box”) a few days ago.

We just finished doing the initial setup and account connections via my TV and Internet connections here, and she’ll take it home with her to try out tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Spreading the Media Player Love

  1. We’ve had the $99 Roku player for over a year and been super-happy with it. I was especially pleased when we upgraded to a HD tv set and all the Roku stuff worked flawlessly with it, without spending any money to upgrade to some kind of premium Roku.

    It’s really weird to hear my 4-year-old talk about the Roku as some kind of matter-of-fact normal piece of TV technology. Kid, we used to have to go to a store and pay four bucks to watch movies! And if we didn’t rewind they would yell at us!

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