Just a little ink…

Five years ago when I turned 30, I had a “midlife crisis” and got my left ear pierced. Since then, I’ve thought about getting something else done, but could never decide on what to get as a first tattoo.

After everything that’s happened in the past four months after Amy’s death, I now know what I”m going to get. Shortly after I’m Raised to Master Mason (hopefully on my birthday, November 5th), I’ll go down the street from my house and get this on my right upper arm, probably 3″x3″:

Why the Masonic Square and Compasses? Because it’s an organization I’ve wanted to join for years, finally joined last October, and my lodge Brothers are some of the main people who have kept me alive, sane, and occupied after Amy’s passing.

For a second tattoo, I may eventually get this, on my left upper arm:

Why this? Because Amy’s online nickname was “Steggy”, short for “Stegosaurus”. I think she would like it.

I will probably get the work done at The Electric Chair on Richmond, unless anyone has a recommendation for a better shop in that part of town.

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