Therapy for the Soul

I’ve had some long conversations with old friends lately; people from high school and college.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about stuff that happened back in the early and mid 90s; there’s no reason to continue holding a grudge about things that happened back then. All of us were young, stupid, and immature.

Being able to talk to someone and forgive/forget what happened so long ago is very therapeutic. I may have lost a wife, but I’ve regained some very dear friends.

One thought on “Therapy for the Soul

  1. Facebook has been therapy for me. I grew up in Tampa, but didn’t graduate from high school there. I was a huge loner in Tampa and felt like not too many people back in Tampa really liked me or even realized we had moved. Turns out lots of people did miss me, did like me, and were wondering what happened to me. Wow. I honestly expected “John who?”

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