Amy’s autopsy results and cause of death

I got the amended death certificate a few days ago. I was a little confused about the “Drowning” cause of death listed, but the “Other Contributing Factors” shows a heart attack, which made sense.

My mother just emailed me after talking on the phone with the Harris County medical examiner. They said that Amy had water in her lungs and stomach, and that her head *was* below the top level of the tub. I don’t remember it being that way, and when I found her there was no water in the tub to speak of. Mom has ordered a copy of the autopsy report and will send it to me when it arrives.

I’m convinced now that she had a heart attack, passed out, drowned, and then somehow kicked the plug out of the tub so that it drained.

In any case, no amount of paperwork is going to bring her back.

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