More pictures from Gray Lodge

Today I was the designated picture-taker for the Installation of Officers at Gray Lodge #329 for the 2009-2010 year. One of the Brothers brought his Nikon D60, and I used it instead of my Canon S3 IS. This was my first time using a SLR camera, and I’m smitten.

The pictures are here. I took right around 300 pictures, and ended up keeping most of them.

Now I really really want a Nikon D40, but can’t afford one for 2-3 years.

2 thoughts on “More pictures from Gray Lodge

  1. Look on your local CraigsList for a D50. They’re out of production, 6 MP, will drive AF lenses that don’t have internal motors, were originally around $500-$650 and now show up for around $250, often with lens. Don’t know if that’s too much for you now, but I wouldn’t get a D40 if I could find a clean D50 (which is what I have, bought new). The other option is a D70, also out of production and with some additional bells and whistles that the D50 doesn’t have. Check to see how many pictures have been taken with it (take a shot and read the complete file data in PhotoShop). If under 10,000, either camera should last another 40,000 or so shots. File info: Advanced: http: //ns.adobe.como/exif/1.0/aux ImageNumber. Exiftool will get the same information if you don’t own PhotoShop.

    Best lens for this is the 18-70mm zoom that was the kit lens with the D70. Or just get a AF 50mm D, which can’t be used on the D40 except in manual focus mode.

  2. My wife recently upgraded from a Canon S5 IS to a Canon D40 and really loves it! Our son play baseball and she has gotten so many pics on Continuous shooting, she LOVES it. She also took 1700 pic when the Blue Angels were recently in Alabama. I would recommend the upgrade to a DSLR when you are able to.

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