Upcoming Giveaway: My Unused Moleskines

After getting into fountain pens as a hobby, I discovered that the vast majority of my stock of Moleskine notebooks, which worked fine with Pilot G2 pens, don’t work very well with fountain pens and my preferred inks.

As a result, I’m be giving away all of my unopened (still in the shrinkwrap) Moleskine notebooks.

The list:

Set of two ruled Volant notebooks, pocket size, light and dark green (gone to Rebecca)
Set of two ruled Volant notebooks, large size, light and dark green (gone to a neighbor)
Set of two ruled Volant notebooks, large size, light and dark blue (gone to Jonas)
Set of three squared Cahier journals, large size, red (gone to Sarah)
Set of three squared Cahier journals, large size, blue (gone to Hellenek)
Large hardcover squared notebook, black (gone to Titivillus)
Large hardcover ruled notebook, red (gone to Mrs. Bill)

I’ve not yet decided on what my Moleskine replacement will be, but I’m leaning towards something that uses Rhodia/Clairefontaine paper.

Update: All of the Moleskines are spoken for. Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Upcoming Giveaway: My Unused Moleskines

  1. I’ve only recently got into moleskines, and the paper works just fine for me, especially with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black. So don’t give up just yet!

  2. Jonel, I’ve actually tried a number of Noodler’s inks (it’s my preferred brand), including Bulletproof Black. I’ve found that an old (circa 2004) large ruled Moleskine hardcover works just great with about anything I throw at it, but the newer production (notebooks made since the brand was sold and production moved to China) has paper with way too much sizing and it’s too slick – some Noodler’s inks will even puddle/pool on the paper. Lexington Gray is one example.

    I’d rather just give these away to people who can use them, and replace the stack with notebooks that I know will work with whatever pen and ink I pick up that day, rather than having to use a certain pen and ink because other combinations cause problems.

  3. Rebecca – I think you sent me some autographed books a few years ago; even if not, I’ll return the favor. Would you like a set of the ruled Volant notebooks (large or small) or the large hardback ruled red one?

    (I’m giving one notebook or shrinkwrapped set of notebooks to each person; that way I can spread the wealth)

  4. Large hardcover squared notebooks would make a wonderful addition as I haven’t gotten into the larger ones yet!


  5. Titivillus, email me (address is in the sidebar) and I’ll get the black hardcover squared Moleskine out to you sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    The hardcover red lined one has been claimed (by my wife) and the pocket-sized green Volants are going to Rebecca.

  6. Just saw your tweet on this. Never seen a coloured collection of Moleskines like you have. Are the blue Cahier journals still available?

  7. Have you tried the Japanese notebooks? From the FPN posts, they’re quite good for fountain pens…

  8. Are the green volants a new line? I haven’t seen them here (or rather my local supplier certainly doesn’t stock green). – note to self -ask if he can stock green.

  9. Bill, if you haven’t already tried a Clairefontaine or Rhodia, I would be pleased to send you one.

    You can email me your address.

    Best wishes

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