Review: Pelikan Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen

First, I’d like to thank Tom at Goldspot Luxury Gifts (@goldspotpens on Twitter) for this pen, which I received in a recent giveaway.

This is a Pelikan Pelikano Junior fountain pen, red, right-handed, with a medium-point nib. Primarily meant for younger students, I’ve found it to be one of the most comfortable and easiest-writing pens I’ve got.

Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen

The paper in the picture is an A5 pad of Whitelines paper; the blue-green blob was soak-through from a previous sheet and was not due to this pen.

The grip is rubberized for comfort, and the translucent body lets you see through to a stick-on name label (three of which come with the pen). This is good for classroom scenarios, as it prevents someone else from accidentally picking up your pen if theirs is the same color.

Construction is rock-solid – I wouldn’t worry about this pen knocking around in the bottom of a backpack, or maybe even a pocket that’s not subject to too much abuse.

As for writing, it’s great. The very-slightly-flexible nib lays down a nice fat, smooth line with no problems of skipping. I’d been looking for a FP equivalent to a Pilot G2 1.0mm “Bold point” gel rollerball pen, and I think this may be it once I run out of the Pelikan blue ink cartridge and refill it with a good dark black. Goldspot was nice enough to send along a few small sampler cartridges of Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue and Midnight Black; I’m looking forward to testing those once the blue cartridge runs out.

If I’d discovered these pens before I found out about Lamy Safaris, I might have a collection of Pelikano Juniors instead of Safaris right now.

This pen is by no means a Parker 51 – but it’s intended for an entirely different audience. It’s a great starter pen, but can also do a great job as a daily writer. Due to its cheap price (around $10-12), you don’t have to worry too much about losing or breaking one.

Pick up a Pelikano Junior – you might be surprised.

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