Review: Whitelines paper and Pear Tree Pens ink sampler

Last week, I ordered a couple pads of Whitelines paper from Amazon, and a four-bottle ink sampler from Pear Tree Pens. For those wanting to try out a new color of ink before committing to an entire bottle, the ink sampler is a great deal – four tiny bottles with the colors/brands of your choice, each with enough ink for a couple of pen or converter fills.

I ordered Noodler’s Baystate Blue, Squetegue, Zhivago, and Gruene Eel Cactus. The sampler arrived today, so I tried it out on the A5-sized pad of Whitelines paper using various pens.

Whitelines Paper and an Ink Sampler

I was unable to test the Gruene Cactus ink due to running out of fillable pens; don’t want to dump and waste a pen full of ink just to flush and fill with another color. I have two more Lamy Safaris, but no converters for them or syringes to fill empty cartridges with.

The Whitelines paper is great (I’m thinking of getting some of the hardback A5-size notebooks to replace my Moleskines) but from looking at their website I was expecting the gray to be a little more distinct and darker. It looks pretty much just like the picture; the white lines aren’t as distinct as I would like.

Noodler’s Zhivago: From pictures on the Internet I had expected more of a greenish tint, but this came out green-gray-black, with more gray/black than green. It has a very vintage look.

Noodler’s Aircorp Blue-Black: I included this because I have it in two pens and it’s currently my favorite ink. It goes down almost black, but it feathers/bleeds BLUE. The only ink I’ve seen where I think show-through on paper is pretty.

Noodler’s Baystate Blue: Controversial with some due to its older formula that may or may not cause premature feed failures in Lamy pens, I filled up my Parker 51 Special with it. This is an insane, almost electric flourescent blue – even after drying. Yes, it really IS “that blue”.

Noodler’s Squetegue: Both my wife and I had been looking forward to this color, but were a bit dissapointed. Samples on the Internet showed it to be more of a blue/teal color, but the sample that I have is a lot more green than blue. Has good vintage-looking shading effects, and may enter my rotation of regular-use inks.

I’m happy with my purchases. Pear Tree Pens offers a great deal with their ink sampler for $4.99, plus around five bucks shipping. The Whitelines A4 and A5 pads are $3-4 for “80 sheets” (40 actual pages).

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