Lamy Fountain Pens

In a little over two weeks, I’ve gone from only owning a couple of Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens, to owning the Pilots, three Platinum Preppy disposable/refillable pens, and now my “nice pen of choice”, a collection of Lamy fountain pens.

Lamy Fountain Pens

Top to bottom: Aluminum Al-Star (fine nib), Blue Safari (fine nib), Yellow Safari (medium nib), and a 2009 special edition orange Safari with medium nib.

4 thoughts on “Lamy Fountain Pens

  1. Wow, I had a Yellow Safari in school, it got more use than my Sheaffer and Parkers. Although I hated the cartridges because of their high cost.

  2. Everyone talks about how expensive the cartridges are – but I see them for $3-4 per box of 5 at places online, or I recently bought a bag of THIRTY blue cartridges for less than $15 shipped off eBay.

  3. You need to just give in to the darkside and buy the absolute pinnacle of fountain pen technology. The Parker 51. And get an old one. My wife bought me a reconditioned dark green 1948 Parker 51 (first year of the aerometric fill) a few years ago. With Noodler’s Aircorp Blue-Black (actually a very dark green), it’s the writing instrument I’ve ever used. By a wide margin.

    I also use a Lamy 2000 every once in a while, and it’s great pen, but nothing like my Parker 51. And somewhere, I have a copy of the Ink Sampler from around 4-5 years back that you’re welcome to borrow if you want it.. lemme know and I’ll drag it down to Houston next time I come down.

    You ever notice how any technology eventually reaches a certain point of perfection, and everything after that is just adding curb feelers or trying to make manufacturing easier? With manual typewriters, it was probably the Hermes 3000. With electric typewriters, the Selectric. With fountain pens, I think it’s the Parker 51. With handguns, it’d have to be the 1911.

    – Jeff

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