My first proper fountain pen arrives

Last weekend, I ordered a Lamy Safari medium-nib fountain pen, and it arrived on Thursday. This is the first “real” FP I’ve owned, not counting the Pilot Varsity disposables I bought to try out a few months ago.

The verdict – so far, I love it. There’s just something about writing with a fountain pen on quality paper that can never be captured with a ballpoint or gel pen.

Right now I’m just using the blue cartridge ink, but I have a bottle of Noodler’s Black that is awaiting my purchase of a bottled ink converter/adapter and the arrival of another Safari (this time, an orangle one) from eBay.

I’ve also got three Platinum Preppy disposable/refillable FPs on the way from JetPens, but the USPS seems confused right now as to if they actually delivered them or not.

2 thoughts on “My first proper fountain pen arrives

  1. Congrats, the Lamy Safari was also my first FP…and I still love it. I used 3-4 cartridges before I upgraded to the converter to use regular ink. Right now it is filled with Diamine Imperial Purple, and I love it. I also switched out my F nib for an EF nib. One thing to remember is to always try to store it vertically. I just opened mine after it had been laying horizontally on my desk, and there is a good amount of ink that he seeped out.

    I also got an Esterbrook Transitional J vintage fountain pen on eBay. That is a beautiful pen filled with some Omas Blue ATM.

    It will grow into an addiction, believe me. Now you have to find the perfect notebook to complement it.

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