Goodbye, iPhone

In June of 2007, my wife surprised me with an iPhone. My manager at work at the time approved expensing the monthly cost (which runs $65-70), and I put the phone to good use.

With recent budget cuts at the office, my current manager informed me that I can no longer expense the phone, as it’s 3-4 times more expensive than everyone else’s phones (which are covered under the company “umbrella” account and use a pool of shared minutes).

So, I ordered another AT&T phone through work, picking the Samsung a237 as it appeared to be the best “freebie” phone offered. At the same time, I bought a Motorola F3 off eBay for $32.

The a237 arrived mid-last-week, and the F3 arrived the next day. I moved the SIM card over and everything works great. I’ve got a “just-a-phone” with awesome battery life, and no extra features I don’t need. I don’t want a camera, lots of text messaging, Java games, or anything like that. I just need a phone, and the F3 is superior at just being a phone with limited text messaging.

My iPhone contract is up in June, so I’ll pay the monthly bill myself for the next two months, and then cancel the contract after that. Will probably sell the phone to a coworker. I’ve loved having it, and it’s been very useful at times, but I just can’t justify paying $70/month given the amount that I actually use it for things other than being a telephone.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, iPhone

  1. Curious why you didn’t consider dropping the data plan and just using it as a phone + wifi device. Is that an option?

  2. Not really an option – it basically cripples the device, and AT&T has been cracking down on people who have iPhones without the data plan.

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