Pens, Paper, and Notebooks Oh My

I am a pen, notebook, and organizational junkie.

Here’s my current collection of Moleskine notebooks:
My Moleskine Notebooks

My normal pen of choice is the Pilot G2 gel pen, in either 0.7mm (“Medium”) or 1.0mm (“Bold”) widths. I also like the Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens, and bought a pack of Sharpie Pens today to try them out.

I also ordered a Lamy Safari fountain pen to try out something a little nicer than the Pilot disposables.

The Doane Paper concept looks great; I’m surprised nobody has come up with the idea before.

Update: My Doane Paper notebooks have come in; will do a comparison of them with the Field Notes and Moleskine equivalents with multiple pens next week (probably with the Lamy Safari, the Pilot Varsity, a Pilot G2, and the Sharpie Pen).

Second Update: Notebook Stories has named me their Notebook Addict of the Week.

4 thoughts on “Pens, Paper, and Notebooks Oh My

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous of this right now. I absolutely love the small cahiers, and just got a pack of the Large kraft cover cahiers. I still have two sets of bluetone Volants that I haven’t touched yet.

    Nice work on making NAOTW 😉

  2. Now all you need to do is try some Noodler’s Ink. It’s a fountain pen ink and several of it’s colors are termed “bulletproof.” That is they are waterproof, stand up to things like full strength chlorine bleach (the ink is still there even when the paper dissolves), and fading. Makes the ink of G2 rollerball look like a wimp product. Another nice thing about the inks I’ve tried. You can write on newsprint without the spidering.

    Guess can you tell I’m a hardcore fan of the stuff.

    Have a Great Day,

    p.s. I’m told that I live in a pretty good area for 2 meter repeater activity and a person could die of boredom waiting for some traffic. Have you tried “Echolink?”

  3. Jim, I’ve actually got a bottle of Noodler’s Bulletproof Black here, but am waiting on the arrival of some Lamy T24 converters so I can actually use it in my pens.

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