M1 Garand arrived

After a long (83 days) wait, my M1 Garand finally arrived this morning from the CMP.

I ordered a “Field Grade” Springfield Armory rifle, and requested a WW2-vintage serial number if possible. What I received this morning exceeded my expectations.







First, the serial number is 3,477,7xx. This puts the date of manufacture in February of 1945.

Second, the gun is definitely a loaner that we got back from Greece, as they refinished all of their guns black (instead of the original “greenish” parkerizing).

Third, the stock appears to be a new replacement, as it has no dings, scrapes, dents, or any markings whatsoever. It’s also only got a thin oil finish, and is still rather dry and dusty. I’ve ordered some “Tom’s 1/3 Mix Military Gunstock Wax and will make that a weekend project soon.

Tonight I’ll do a basic dissasembly, clean it if needed, and fill out a Garand data sheet on all of the components.

2 thoughts on “M1 Garand arrived

  1. The color of wood is quite handsome. Congratulations.

    It even got my wife’s attention and she is not normally enamored of ‘guns’.

  2. Congrat’s looks like a beauty. My wife always draws a women’s face on the gun box and puts on the bed when mine arrive she know’s im going to love it.

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