Home Mac desktop upgrades finished

Tonight I upgraded my Mac Mini here at home with a new hard drive and went from 3G to 4G of RAM.

The old disk was a 120G, 5400rpm and 8M of cache. The new disk is a Western Digital “Scorpio Black” 250G, 7200rpm and 16M of cache.

The RAM upgrade swapped a 2G SODIMM in place of an existing 1G. It adds 1G of memory, but only around 350M of that is usable due to x86 chipset limitations and address space. I figured I might as well max out the system while I had it open, and the memory was only $20.

So far I’ve noticed that boot time was a lot quicker, and applications seem to launch a lot faster. Will run some actual disk tests once I finish tweaking some Time Machine backups.

Update: XBench disk scores have almost doubled compared to the original internal drive.

One thought on “Home Mac desktop upgrades finished

  1. Good to know. As I tweeted, I believe disk is the big bottleneck for me in the Mac Mini and hearing word from the seatofthepantsometer of things being “a lot quicker” and “a lot faster” is encouraging.

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