Inside a Masonic Lodge

I took some pictures of the inside of the Museum / Library / Lodge building today while I was there meeting up with a brother Mason.

Got some really good shots of the Lodge room proper, and I was able to make panoramic views from each officer’s position in the room.

I’m really proud of this shot:

Altar w/Spotlight

Disk Upgrade Done, More Projects Ahead

Upgraded the disks on my home setup today. Went from a pair of Hitachi 500G Deskstar drives to a pair of Western Digital WD10EADS “Green” (power-saving, cooler-running) disks.

One disk is primary external storage, while the other is the Time Machine backup disk for both my internal hard drive on the Mac Mini and the data on the other 1T external disk.

Tomorrow’s project is to move my Windows gaming PC back into the “lab” room where it belongs, clean up the dining room, and then setup the clamp lights I bought today as a cheap DIY photo studio for experimentation.