My Vacation So Far: VM/370 on Hercules

Well, so far I’ve bootstrapped an operating system older than I am, on an emulated IBM mainframe:

IBM VM/370 R6 on Hercules on OS X

VM/370 is able to be redistributed freely and legally, and a good amount of documentation for it is online.

I wish IBM would recognize the “hobbyist market” and release limited versions of z/OS for educational use only on emulators. There’s a free version of z/VM, but its hardware requirements (even for an emulator) are almost prohibitive.

4 thoughts on “My Vacation So Far: VM/370 on Hercules

  1. Thanks! I’ve known about Bitsavers for a long time, I just never thought to look there for VM/370 manuals.

  2. Which VM/370 did you use? I’ve been trying to use the one from Rob Abeles .. The restore of the 3410 tape to the 3330 dasd device is taking forever …. Would you mind sharing your hercules configuration file?

  3. You should have a look at z/VM. It’s the latest, and works really well. Installed it on my macbook, works easy and simple.

    z/VM 5.3 can be downloaded directly from IBM’s web site. Just register and you’ll get access to it.

    Then basically follow the instructions in the enclosed PDF file, and even if they might not make sense at first, they do actually work.

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