More calls from the scammers at Madison Who’s Who

I just received another call from someone at Madison Who’s Who. I have no interest in their scam.

This is the third or fourth call I’ve gotten from them AFTER I requested that they not contact me again. I’m not interested in being ripped by paying them money to be listed in a “Who’s Who” directory of dubious merit.

The last couple of times they’ve called, the conversation has gone like this:

them: “Hello, this is suchandsuch from Madison Who’s Who and..”
me: “How many times am I going to have to ask you folks to stop calling me? I’m not interested.”
them: “Well, this is the first time that IVE called you.”
me: “That’s what the last guy said too. I have no desire in your organization. Let me say again, I don’t want any more phone calls.”
them: “bye”

One thought on “More calls from the scammers at Madison Who’s Who

  1. Worse is yellow pages advertisers, call about a listing in some fringe yellow page you’ve never heard of. They call a dozen times a day. When was the last time anyone looked up a gas station’s phone number, besides when they want to call in a complaint?

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