Looking for an IBM Flow Chart Template

I’m looking for an IBM flow chart template, like this or this.

Here is the reasoning behind why I’m looking for one; mostly nostalgia value.

Anybody have one for sale? I keep looking on eBay but nothing turns up; the one auction I had a bid on I got sniped by fifty cents in the last ten seconds…

11 thoughts on “Looking for an IBM Flow Chart Template

  1. You still looking for an IBM Flow Chart Template?

    I have several at home.


  2. I have one. Anyone want it? No sleeve, just the template. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I used it for drawing doghouses for navigation routes on my aviation charts.

  3. I need IBM flowcharting template for my daughter’s IT course.

    Mike Cutler Birmingham UK

  4. Mike, you probably don’t need a flowchart template for the IT course, there is an abundance of software that can create flowcharts – I was never aware that any coursed in the UK actually required you to have a flowchart template.

    Although if it is needed for her course, try this
    It’s not IBM, but its a flowchart template, they’re pretty much all the same.

  5. Believe it or not I’m attempting to find an NCR 315 Card Random Access Memeory (CRAM) deck. Does anyone have one that I can pirchase? Thanks…

  6. i have a flowcharting template and sleeve/as well as an ibm system 360 “green card”…or reference data machine instruction card…both are mint…

  7. I have a couple of them, but believe it or not I still use it once in a while.
    What are they worth? I have them with the original sleeve form x20-8020 u/m 010.
    Ah the good old days. I have a box of blank punch cards someplace as well. Those System 029’s made great confetti.

  8. I have an IBM flow charting template, with sleeve. Item number is GX20-8020-1. It is green. Email me if you’re interested.

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