Camera Goodies and Pictures

Got some camera goodies in the mail today – a 58mm lens adapter and a PL/UV/FLD filter kit for my Canon S3 IS. As soon as I stopped by Houston Camera Exchange to get a 58mm lens cap, I was off to take pictures!

My first stop has become a tradition with any new camera gear – the AT&T Central Office. You can see the other two sets here.

I then drove fifteen miles down Westheimer and got some great exterior shots of the Masonic lodge that I’m a member of.

I’m really happy so far with the $25 worth of filters and adapters, although I will probably replace the filters with glass versions at some point.

Even more calls from Madison Who’s Who

Home sick today, but I had a voicemail at work – no surprise, it was someone from Madison Who’s Who wanting to contact me about a listing.

I think at this point I’m going to talk to our phone folks and see if they can just block calls from their number. This is almost the tenth call I’ve received since I asked them to stop contacting me and told them I wasn’t interested in their so-called “service”.

My Vacation So Far: VM/370 on Hercules

Well, so far I’ve bootstrapped an operating system older than I am, on an emulated IBM mainframe:

IBM VM/370 R6 on Hercules on OS X

VM/370 is able to be redistributed freely and legally, and a good amount of documentation for it is online.

I wish IBM would recognize the “hobbyist market” and release limited versions of z/OS for educational use only on emulators. There’s a free version of z/VM, but its hardware requirements (even for an emulator) are almost prohibitive.

Continuing harassment from Madison Who’s Who

I don’t know if it’s because of the weblog post I made two days ago, but twice so far today I’ve had an incoming phone call where the Caller ID indicates it’s Madison Who’s Who.

I answer the phone, and hear nothing but background noise for a few seconds before the other end hangs up.

Update: I just got a third call today, where the caller gave me the standard “Well this is the first time IVE called you today” line.

More calls from the scammers at Madison Who’s Who

I just received another call from someone at Madison Who’s Who. I have no interest in their scam.

This is the third or fourth call I’ve gotten from them AFTER I requested that they not contact me again. I’m not interested in being ripped by paying them money to be listed in a “Who’s Who” directory of dubious merit.

The last couple of times they’ve called, the conversation has gone like this:

them: “Hello, this is suchandsuch from Madison Who’s Who and..”
me: “How many times am I going to have to ask you folks to stop calling me? I’m not interested.”
them: “Well, this is the first time that IVE called you.”
me: “That’s what the last guy said too. I have no desire in your organization. Let me say again, I don’t want any more phone calls.”
them: “bye”