Feast Houston – A Review

Amy and I went out to our first nice dinner out in a long while tonight, to a restaraunt called “Feast” here in Houston.

“Rustic European Fare”, and it’s pretty much one of those “nose to tail” places that will serve you all parts of the pig.

Feast Houston - Menu

I started out with the Black Pudding for an appetizer. A fried egg, on top of three small slices of black pudding, on top of some peas. Amy had the Pork Cheek and Dandelion Green salad and the Pigs Feet w/Bacon, which was rolled in mustard and topped with breadcrumbs.

For entrees, she had the Pork Confit Tart with duchess potatoes.

I had the “Haggis, Taters, and Neeps”:

Feast Houston - Haggis

Haggis really does get a bad reputation for no reason; this was the first time I’d ever had it and it tasted like .. meatloaf. It may be meatloaf made from questionable bits, but it tasted like meatloaf to me, and was great. The potatoes were good with a TON of butter, and the turnips were amazingly edible.

The entire dinner was excellent, and we were too full to have dessert. Portions were so big that we both ended up bringing home around half our entrees to eat tomorrow.

Why do people rag on haggis so much?

Note: I did not give it the proper “Address to a Haggis“, but I did wave the web page at it via my iPhone.

New toy: Asus EEE 4G

Picked up an Asus EEE 4G tonight at MicroCenter. The Houston store had four in stock, clearance-priced at $202 each (down from $349).

So far, I’m impressed. This will serve as an excellent mobile terminal for SSH and web browsing, and possibly as a serial terminal using a Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter.

The factory Xandros Linux install was quickly replaced with Ubuntu EEE. The only problem I ran into was needing to upgrade the Atheros wireless drivers.

A 2G DDR2-667 SO-DIMM to upgrade the memory from the default 512M was only $18 with free shipping from NewEgg. I should have it by the middle of next week.