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According to Typealyzer, this blog is:

ESTJ – The Guardians

The organizing and efficient type. They are especially attuned to setting goals and managing available resources to get the job done. Once they´ve made up their mind on something, it can be quite difficult to convince otherwise. They listen to hard facts and can have a hard time accepting new or innovative ways of doing things.

The Guardians are often happy working in highly structured work environments where everyone knows the rules of the job. They respect authority and are loyal team players.

I don’t entirely agree, as I’ve gotten commended at work in the past due to my innovative ways of solving problems.

When taking an online Meyers-Briggs test, I usually get identified as an ISTJ.

One thought on “Blog Personality Analysis

  1. Bill, I know you’re not looking, but has a really interesting “what kind of worker are you” test that’s similar to a myers-briggs, and I was both surprised by the results (in that I thought they were quantifying other things) and that they actually seemed pretty correct, objectively, after I considered what kind of worker I *thought* I was versus the kind I am.

    If you’ve got time to kill, of course. It’s short, mebbe 10 mins, but interesting.

    FWIW, I get ENTP. Almost every single time. The only thing that changes is E/I, kind of like yours. I think it depends on whether you’ve had coffee that day or not. 🙂

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