Why Cancel Good Products Volume 2 – The Logitech G3 Laser Mouse

I’ve ranted before about how good products get discontinued or cancelled.

Last time it was the Trackman Marble FX.

This time, it’s the Logitech G3 Laser Mouse.

I bought two of them in September of 2007, after getting fed up with the Apple Mighty Mouse and its inability to be easily cleaned without destructively dissasembling the mouse and then having to be glued back together. The G3 was a perfect replacement – fit my hand great, had a good weight to it, and had a scroll wheel that wasn’t dirt-prone.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that the scroll wheel on the G3 at home (I have one at work as well) had started to “drop” scrolls. Every third or fourth scroll “click” wouldn’t have an effect. I tested the mouse on two different operating systems and two different computers – its scroll wheel was going bad. Scrolls up worked, but down would “miss”.

I contacted Logitech via their web page, filled out the serial and model numbers of the mouse and explained the problem and asked what my options were under their five-year warranty on the G3. After jumping through multiple hoops (and having to provide proof-of-purchase for a product they only introduced in 2006), I finally got a response.

“The G3 is not manufactured by Logitech anymore. The replacement that will be shipped to you is the G5.”

Why do I have the luck of always picking a product to like that gets discontinued shortly after I adopt it? In addition, I checked out the G5 last year and specifically bought a G3 instead of a G5. I’ll take the offer of a working G5 over a broken G3.

Logitech wants me to return my faulty mouse before they’ll send the replacement. I’m thinking of picking up a LS1 Laser Mouse to see if it might be a worthy (and cheaper) successor.

Update: I picked up a LS1 today and it will work for now. It seems to be Logitech’s answer to the Mighty Mouse – the size, shape, and “feel” is very similar. The resolution is a LOT higher than the G3 Laser Mouse, and I had to crank the tracking speed in OSX almost all the way down to be usable (I hate the bloated Logitech driver software).

Second Update: I’ve been using the G5 for a couple of weeks now. After tweaking the “weight cartridge” (which is rather silly) and getting used to the right-handed design, it works rather well.

One thought on “Why Cancel Good Products Volume 2 – The Logitech G3 Laser Mouse

  1. Hey, I would like to know if in the meantime you found a nice mouse that is a worthy successor to the G3? I still use the 7 years old Logitech MX300 which to this day is still the best mouse I know. Its middle mouse button is starting to misfunction now, though. I know the G3 is nearly identical and also very nice (we have them in college). I really don’t like a big mouse like the G5. I also have the MX900 and I never use it because it’s too heavy. It totally sucks, that Logitech discontinued to produce mice that are similar to the MX300 and the G3. Please mail me, and tell me if the LS1 is a good replacement, or if you’ve found any other mouse that is good.

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