My good deed for the day

While watching trick-or-treaters tonight, we saw a father and his elementary-school-age kid walking down the street, with the kid dressed up in a decent Darth Vader costume. He had a lightsaber, but it was one of the cheesy “red plastic on a flashlight” kinds.

Amy ran into the house and grabbed my Star Wars Force FX Darth Vader lightsaber, and I walked up and gave it to the kid as he and his father walked by, saying “You need a proper lightsaber, here you go”.

The kid was floored – “Woah!” and the father asked me if he owed me anything for it. I said “No, it’s been sitting on a shelf for two years since I bought it, and I just saw an opportunity for someone to get some use out of it.”

It was good to see the kid swinging it around and having fun as they walked around the neighborhood for the next hour and a half.

3 thoughts on “My good deed for the day

  1. You gave away a $100+ lightsaber to a random little kid? That is awesome. I hope he gets more than one night’s fun out of it.

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