Update on my Masonic Journey

I finally heard from the Investigative Committee and met with them after work on September 2nd. The interview went well, and was nothing at all like the interrogation that I expected. Two of the interviewers were Masons that I had met during the dinner back on August 6th.

Due to red tape my membership could not be voted on during the monthly meeting on the 3rd of September; the vote had to be postponed to the October 1st meeting. The problem was that I needed a certified copy of my birth certificate instead of a photocopy. Thanks to the Internet, UPS, and the Oklahoma Department of Vital Records I finally turned in a certified copy on Thursday the 4th.

I’ve been told that the Investigative Committee’s report was entirely favorable and there shouldn’t be a problem with the vote on the 1st. Amy and I will be attending the dinner and open portion of that meeting to hear a Masonic speaker who is coming in from out of town.

My initiation as an Entered Apprentice Mason has been tentatively scheduled for the evening of Thursday, October 9th.

2 thoughts on “Update on my Masonic Journey

  1. As a guy subscribing to your RSS feed (found you while looking for Houston blogs) I’ve been following you Masonic adventures. While not a Mason, I’ve had an interest Masonic buildings in Houston and abroad.

    While photographing Holland Lodge #1, I had a chance to meet one of the Brothers. After talking for sometime and me asking, he accompanied me around the inside of the temple. I was really pleased to have the privilege to see the building and hear the history of Masons in Texas.

    Congrats on you continued journey.

  2. Congrats – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts about getting into Freemasonry.

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