Power Back On

After more than a week, we finally got power back today around 1:15pm. There were crews in the neighborhood yesterday, and I got woken up this morning by a lineman from Quebec knocking on my back door asking me to open the side gate so they could get to the power pole in the back yard.

It’s nice to have air conditioning again. After a nap and some rest, we have to start cleaning up the indoor mess.

Hurricane Ike Hoedown – Day 5

Day Five of the hurricane festivities, Day Four without power. Had to get up this morning, change the oil, and refill the generator with gas. I’ve got another couple of days worth of gas (burning 10-15 gallons/day). If the power doesn’t come back on before I run out, my neighbor across the street has offered his electric outlets if we can find a heavy-duty long-enough extension cord to run across the street.

Update on my Masonic Journey

I finally heard from the Investigative Committee and met with them after work on September 2nd. The interview went well, and was nothing at all like the interrogation that I expected. Two of the interviewers were Masons that I had met during the dinner back on August 6th.

Due to red tape my membership could not be voted on during the monthly meeting on the 3rd of September; the vote had to be postponed to the October 1st meeting. The problem was that I needed a certified copy of my birth certificate instead of a photocopy. Thanks to the Internet, UPS, and the Oklahoma Department of Vital Records I finally turned in a certified copy on Thursday the 4th.

I’ve been told that the Investigative Committee’s report was entirely favorable and there shouldn’t be a problem with the vote on the 1st. Amy and I will be attending the dinner and open portion of that meeting to hear a Masonic speaker who is coming in from out of town.

My initiation as an Entered Apprentice Mason has been tentatively scheduled for the evening of Thursday, October 9th.