Centerpoint Energy teaches me a lesson

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a new UPS for my desktop system and hadn’t gotten around to shutting everything down so I could put it on the UPS just yet. Centerpoint Energy (aka Houston Light & Power) decided to teach me a lesson.

Two days ago, we had a 15-second power outage. Everything came back up just fine except for my 500G external SATA disk that I’d been using as a Time Machine backup volume. It started flaking out, and late in the evening finally dropped off the bus altogether (it’s connected via a cheap SATA-to-USB adapter cable and housed in a gutted Sun disk enclosure).

I ended up ordering two Mercury Elite-AL Firewire 400/USB2 SATA disk enclosures from Other World Computing, and from Directron here in Houston I picked up another Hitachi 500G SATA disk.

My lesson of “ALWAYS KEEP EVERYTHING ON A UPS AND DONT BE LAZY” cost $245, but at least I have current backups again, and on FireWire 400 instead of USB2 so I get a performance boost.

The failed disk is under warranty, but it will take Hitachi about a month to process the RMA and send a replacement.

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