RIP George Carlin

I just read that George Carlin has passed away at the age of 71 from heart failure. I remember spending hours in front of my mother’s stereo listening to her Bill Cosby and George Carlin 8-tracks, and then buying a lot more of his works when I was in college.

The humor of Carlin and Dennis Leary let me laugh at the world during my formulative years, and the works of Bill Hicks tempered them once I got out into the “real world”.

Rest in peace, George. Give em hell up there.

Thoughts on the iPhone 3G

$199 plus a new 2-year contract, plus $10 more a month? No thanks, I’ll stick with my iPhone 1.0. If it was just $199 for a new phone, with the same price plan I’m paying now ($71/month total) and no contract extension, I’d consider it.

EDGE data speeds are fine for anything that I might need to do on the Internet from the phone (face it, it’s not a laptop replacement) and cell-tower pseudo-GPS is good enough for me so far. All of the other new features will be available on my current iPhone when firmware 2.0 comes out anyway.