Finally got Open Genera running

Symbolics OpenGenera

The Open Genera LISP development environment by Symbolics. It’s Brad Parker’s x86-64 port, running in a 64-bit Ubuntu 7.10 VM under VMWare Fusion on my Mac Mini.

For instructions on how to get it running, see here, here, or here.

I still pine after a real Symbolics Lisp Machine. Unfortunately, I can’t justify $1500 for a MacIvory board, an old 68K Mac to run it in, and the Symbolics keyboard with ADB adapter.

4 thoughts on “Finally got Open Genera running

  1. Few people in the world will still appreciate this. Well done for getting Open Genera up and running. Keeping that memory alive!

    Meanwhile, I have just had an inspiration. I am MAD about all things Symbolics and old-school computer-graphics related.

    I am interested (as of the last thirty seconds) in starting an Internet based Club of people who would love to share information and knowledge growing about the whole thing. I’m happy for it to net in anything that smacks of Data General, Alpha, VMS and any old things, but would still like to spearhead a computer graphics software / os and hardware history discussion.

    If you’re in… let’s begin.

    or call me on 07986551553 (United Kingdom)

  2. Hi! Do you know how much RAM does Open Genera 2 need?
    I’m running it on top of Tru64 Unix which is running for itself on top of FreeAXP emulator in a WindowsXP machine.
    FreeAXP limits the RAM to 128 MB.
    I can’t start open genera because it says something like “can’t allocate”.
    I set memory to 256 in .VLM file.
    If I increase swap space, will Open Genera run with no problem?
    If yes, how much swap space should I have?

  3. Does the commonly available Open Genera have the stuff like Macsyma, Concordia, Joshua et al with it?

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