Thoughts on Growing Old and Growing Up

I sit and think about getting older.

I turn 34 later this year. Everything between age 21 now has just been a blur. Too much of being a workaholic. Too much waking up on a Thursday and thinking “The week’s gone by already?” Too much time spent not accomplishing anything that really matters in the long run other than paying bills and getting by.

I’m seven years older than my parents were when they had me.
I never thought that I would own a house – but now I’m in my *second* home.
I’m making four times what I did in my first “real job” at ioNET in 1995.

I never thought that I would find someone to spend my life with who could put up with my quirks, hobbies, and tendency to be a workaholic. I’ve been with Amy for TEN YEARS now – a third of my life – and we’ve been married for seven of those years.

I don’t “feel” like an adult. I still feel like a kid who is “managing to get by”.
Does this ever change? Do you ever grow older and finally feel “grown up” and mature?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Growing Old and Growing Up

  1. Terry Pratchett wrote once that “inside every old man there’s a kid wondering what the hell did happen”.

    Now, on short final to 47, I feel the same.

    BTW, great blog! Notebooks, fountain pens, guns and Linux… mmmm (Homer style)

  2. I recently attended an interview and just when all looked fine, the CEO asked me, ‘What is your age?’.

    ’40’ I replied.

    Somehow, the look on his face told another story.

    His wife who was the Director asked me to guess how old the CEO was. Then she told me he was 30.

    I was deeply hurt. That is when I decided to write on growing old and growing up.

    And as I was looking around for what others thought, I found your wonderful post.

    It triggered the thought that “Growing up is when we find the right mix of a kid’s wonder and an adult’s wisdom.”

    Thank you
    Venkata Vinay

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