I need a jeweler/watch repair recommendation in Houston

I’m having a heck of a time finding a jeweler or watch repair place to do a simple bezel insert replacement on a pair of Invicta 8926 watches (Rolex Submariner clones). I’ve got the replacement parts, I just need someone with steadier hands to do the actual work of popping off the old insert and gluing the new one in.

When the inserts arrived in the mail last weekend, I took everything to my normal jeweler, the Jared location at Gessner and I-10. Their watch repair person said “Sorry, we’re not an Invicta dealer, I won’t work on them.” I’ve done thousands of dollars of business with them at that location, but their refusal to do a 5-minute job on a $100 watch (when they know I’ve been considering the eventual purchase of a $6K watch from them) made me REALLY frustrated.

I then headed home, and realized that Houston Jewelry was in a strip mall a couple of blocks from the house. I stopped in, explained the situation, and that I just needed a simple part replacement done. The lady I spoke to said “Sure, we’ll work on anything – leave it with us and we’ll call you on Monday with an estimate, this shouldnt take them long at all.” I just got off the phone after they called (note that it’s now Tuesday) and they said “Sorry, we don’t work on Invicta watches.”

Why is it so hard to find someone in west Houston that’s willing to take my money and do this simple 5-minutes-per-watch part replacement?

Heck, I’ll even provide illustrated instructions!

August 2008 Update: Although I ended up fixing one of the watches myself, Rex Solomon (owner of Houston Jewelry) has contacted me and offered to have his watchmaker do a bezel swap if I still need it.

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  1. this is a big problem these days with watches especially. most retail jewelry/watch stores do not want to touch a job like that and will tell you they need to send it back to the manufacturer (if they happen to be a dealer) or will tell you to contact the manufacturer yourself.

    you need to find a watchmaker in your local jewelry district, an old school craftsman who will take on any work like that or look for a mom and pop watch shop, not a mall store. it would still be luck if you found someone. the lady in houston jewelry sounds like the typical counter person who tells people “yes” and then gets screamed at by the guy who does the work. those places are interested in sales (or simple related repairs like sizing) and sending people out the door. i’ve seen bezels changed many times, it’s not a big deal but it is a liability few want to risk.

    have you posted your request on sites like timezone.com and watchnet.com? we send people to those sites often.

  2. Where did you find the replacement Bezel part? I’ve looked all over. Did you go thru Invicta.

  3. Go to

    Memorial Watch Repair
    14520 Memorial Drive #35
    Houston, TX 77079


    They can fix almost anything.

  4. Hi. My dad has been fixing watches for over 40 years and is owner of Watchmaker Specialists in Houston. Please feel free to contact him if you need ANY kind of repair. He offers a 10% discount to new customers too 🙂

  5. I’d tell you to try watch and jewelry repair in Montgomery Wards but we all know they’re no more. My dad used to work there repairing colored watch faces all day long. Perhaps you can try Marney’s Jeweler’s off Avondale street?

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