Farewell, iMac Core Duo!

The 20″ iMac Core Duo has found a new home with a friend. I bought it the day the Intel-based iMacs were available (January 19, 2006) and it was my main machine for just over two years.

2 thoughts on “Farewell, iMac Core Duo!

  1. Any word on what you’re replacing the iMac with? I noticed Apple just updated the lineup, planning on one of the iMacs with a Penryn processor?

  2. Cory, I mentioned in a prior post – I’ve replaced it with a Core2Duo-based Mini (2Ghz) with 3G of RAM and a Dell 20″ flat panel.

    I just got tired of being stuck with the built-in display and Apple’s ridiculous $800 repair cost if something happened to the panel (versus Dell’s 4-year LCD warranty, or less than $300 to buy a completely new monitor).

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