Sharp and pointy things

I finally got most of my knife collection together for a picture.

I still want a Gerber Mark II, but they’re too expensive now since they’re no longer made.

Update: My ebay purchase of a Commander I Mark I variant finally arrived, and it’s in perfect mint condition – original box, and it still “smells new”, like leather and ozone.

Now I just need to find a Mark II or a Command II (single-edged version of the Mark II, made for cities or states where double-edged blades are illegal).

4 thoughts on “Sharp and pointy things

  1. We have the original hand made prototype of the Mark II 20th Anniversary knife made by Gerber. My husband made it. None other like it anywhere. He and two other guys were the only ones to hand produce the 5000 knives for the anniversary.

  2. you can buy the mark 2 from cabelas for $ 120.00 or a.g.russel for $100.00

  3. Can you ask your husband about the slanted blade? I have one and its a beautiful knife, I am just curious.

    Thank you,

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