Disk and Radio Updates

I now have a matched pair of 500G Hitachi SATA disks (in stripped Sun Unipack enclosures) as my external disk and Time Machine backup disk, to avoid a repeat of a couple weeks ago.

As for radio stuff, a week after I bought the FRG-100 from a friend, another friend said “Hey, I have a Kenwood TS-430S here that you can have for cost of shipping.” DOH! Anyway, $80 in shipping fees later, I now have this setup for when I pass my General upgrade exam:

Kenwood TS-430 Amateur Radio Setup

Left to right: AT-250 automatic antenna tuner, TS-430S transceiver, PS-430 power supply.

I’ll eventually have to send it off for minor repair of a known problem and a tuneup, but that will only cost me $200. For a grand total of around $300, this is a VERY NICE rig that still runs around $600 with the extra components on eBay.

Now I have to figure out how I’m going to get a decent antenna up in the limited space I have available.

One thought on “Disk and Radio Updates

  1. Wow, looks like you’ll be in for a lot of fun with that radio setup.

    Someone mentioned something about an odd antenna system where you’d essentially wrap the length of a cable around under the top-edge of the roof, on the top edge of the walls all the way round, inside the room, and it would work in some respect.

    They might have been on about conventional radio reception, but at least it sounds space-saving, if it at all works, and you’d suppose they could be painted white or something, if they aren’t meant to be exposed/unisolated.

    Wow, well, have fun.

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