Crazy Neighbors’ Christmas Lights

One of the houses down the street (the same folks responsible for the driveway big-screen football game about a month ago) has put up their annual display of Christmas lights.

Amy and I tend to refer to this house as “Vegas”, because the first year we lived here I said “Wow, their light display reminds me of a Las Vegas casino.”

Anyway, here’s the 2007 Extravaganza. I’m sure our neighbors are great people, and their display may not be much compared to some I’ve seen, but it’s excessive for our neighborhood. Click the thumbnails for full-size photos.

First, the overall view:

Driveway lights:

Blue snowflakes and a giant inflatable “JOY”:

Wrapped columns and trees:

Finally, the giant inflatable Santa Claus and “JOY”:

They seem to have retired the giant inflatable Frosty the Snowman they had out last year.

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