Back to work..

I’ve been on vacation since Thanksgiving, but am really in the mood to return to work on Monday. I can’t stand being off work for more than a week or so – I tend to get bored. Bad habits of a work-a-holic I guess.

I’ll also be taking every Friday between now and the end of the year off, since my employer gave me an extra week of vacation (now four weeks total per year) this year as it was my fifth anniversary with them. I didn’t find out about the extra week until last month, so now I’ve got to use it up by 12/31 or I’ll lose it.

One thought on “Back to work..

  1. I’ve got all of December off work, but have plenty of stuff to keep me busy. I’m gonna spend most of the time catching up on my reading, and porting some of my software to VMS. One of the books I need to catch up on reading is my VMS User’s Guide 🙂

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