Why cancel good products? – The Trackman Marble FX

One example is the Logitech Trackman Marble FX. Logitech discontinued them after 2-3 years of production, and has yet to introduce a replacement that feels or works as well in my opinion.

My wife and I buy them whenever we find them available, but a shrinking supply has driven the prices up into the stratosphere – we paid $75 for one from a friend a year ago, and used prices on Amazon are almost $300 the last time I checked. I can occasionally find one for less than $10 in the bin at Goodwill Computerworks, but they’re few and far between.

I would love to see Logitech introduce a modern version of the Trackman Marble FX.

December 2008 Update: Logitech has done it again, only this time they’ve discontinued the G3 Laser Mouse.

February 2010 Update: My wife passed away suddenly in June of 2009. I’ve sold her three Marble FXes, but will leave this post open for comments.

104 thoughts on “Why cancel good products? – The Trackman Marble FX

  1. I have a new WIN7 Home Premium system. I want to use my Logitech T-CJ12 Marble FX with it but it won’t work. HANDS DOWN THE BEST MOUSE DEVICE EVER!

    SOoo.. please help me.. how do I … what do I need to do to get my system to recognize the Marble FX so I can use it.

    Please be very clear about what can be done and how to do it. I see here where at least 2 people said they are using it on a WIN 7 system

    Thanks alot.

  2. Just chiming in to say – it’s 2015 and still using my faithful Marble FX! Been with it since 1997, when I bought it for GBP 17.49. My friends sometimes laugh at my “old school” trackball, yet I am still to find a find a replacement that even comes close to this granny. Come on Logitech, produce an heir that is on a par! It’s long overdue.

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