Why cancel good products? – The Trackman Marble FX

One example is the Logitech Trackman Marble FX. Logitech discontinued them after 2-3 years of production, and has yet to introduce a replacement that feels or works as well in my opinion.

My wife and I buy them whenever we find them available, but a shrinking supply has driven the prices up into the stratosphere – we paid $75 for one from a friend a year ago, and used prices on Amazon are almost $300 the last time I checked. I can occasionally find one for less than $10 in the bin at Goodwill Computerworks, but they’re few and far between.

I would love to see Logitech introduce a modern version of the Trackman Marble FX.

December 2008 Update: Logitech has done it again, only this time they’ve discontinued the G3 Laser Mouse.

February 2010 Update: My wife passed away suddenly in June of 2009. I’ve sold her three Marble FXes, but will leave this post open for comments.

Personality Tests

This test says that I’m an INTJ.

This test says:

Your score on Extraversion is low, indicating you are introverted, reserved, and quiet. You enjoy solitude and solitary activities. Your socializing tends to be restricted to a few close friends.
Your high level of Agreeableness indicates a strong interest in others’ needs and well-being. You are pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative.
Your score on Conscientiousness is high. This means you set clear goals and pursue them with determination. People regard you as reliable and hard-working.
Your score on Emotional Stability is low indicating that you are easily upset, even by what most people consider the normal demands of living. People consider you to be sensitive and emotional.
Your score on Openness to Experience is high, indicating you enjoy novelty, variety, and change. You are curious, imaginative, and creative.