Sirius-ly Persistent?

I was a happy Sirius Satellite Radio customer for over a year, using it mainly to pick up the 80s channel because I couldn’t get decent local FM reception in the office building where I work. I was finally able to improve my local reception and decided to cancel the service and sell the radio to a friend.

I had no problems cancelling the account; my radio stopped working a few minutes after I got off the phone with Sirius (even though it should have been paid up to the end of the billing cycle). I figured that everything was done with, and sent my friend his “new” radio.

About a week later, we started getting calls to my home phone that caller ID identified as being from Sirius. After two or three missed calls, I picked up the phone and called Sirius customer service at 1-888-539-SIRIUS on August 22nd. I spoke to a “Gabrielle”, who said that my account was paid up in full, closed, and she didn’t know why I was still getting phone calls. I told her “If you wanted to keep me as a customer, you should have done the save when I called to cancel, not two weeks later after I already got rid of everything.”

Gabrielle said that she would put a note in my account, and if I got any further calls, to tell them to not call me again. I asked her, “If I’m already on the phone with you right now, why should I have to tell anyone who calls that they shouldn’t call me again?” Her answer was “Well, in case they DO call you again, even though I’m putting a note in your account…”

Last week, my wife called me at work. “Sirius called again.” I called them on September 14th, and spoke to a “Cheryl”. I explained that my account was closed and that I did not wish to receive any calls from anyone at Sirius as I was no longer a customer. She said “I don’t know why we’re still calling you, but I’ll put your number on the Do Not Call list.” She didn’t have an answer as to why this had not been done the first time I called.

This morning, my wife called again. “Sirius called, AGAIN, and when I tried to tell her that we wanted them to stop calling, she rattled something off a script and hung up on me.”

I just finished making my third call to Sirius. This time, on September 17th, I spoke to a “James” and explained the situation. He once again verified that my account was closed, that I was fully paid up with them, and that I had notes on my account from the previous two calls. James first tried to remove my phone number from my account records, but when that failed his solution to this (according to “what my manager told me”) was to put a “privacy flag” on my account. “This should stop any emails or calls from us.”

I can only hope that the third time is the charm; otherwise I’ll have to call them again and stop being polite. The only way I’ll ever have their service again is if they want to give it to me for free; an overzealous customer retention department has soured me on what was otherwise a good experience with their company.

3 thoughts on “Sirius-ly Persistent?

  1. just call them and say you need to update your contact info and put in their customer support number as your home telephone.

  2. I’m trying to cancel and they won’t do it until the end of the next billing cycle, nearly another month.

    I asked for a supervisor and she explained it was impossible to cancel until December. How can I get it activated in 15 seconds but it takes nearly a month to deactivate service.

  3. These guys are all lying at sirius. They fain customer care and that they cant do this or that, or that they dont know why you are getting all these calls. I have had 67 calls in the last week to ask me to renew a contract on a car we dont own anymore. I have told them this 5 times and still I get the calls…I along with many, will never be a customer of their’s again!

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