Getting rid of the Amiga hardware

I’ve not had time to work on it in almost three months, so a friend is on his way here right now to take the Amiga hardware (two A2000s and an A4000) off my hands. He’s buying the A4K, but I’m giving the rest of it to him for free.

I’ll continue to work and play with the Amiga via emulation, but I’ve had to realize that I just don’t have the room and the time to work with actual hardware nowdays.

One thought on “Getting rid of the Amiga hardware

  1. I found your weblog while looking for a cheap ps2 keyboard adapter for my amiga 2000. I also have recently felt nostalgic for my amiga hardware. Looks like you are a quite capable programmer, maybe you would be interested in AROS, which is a rewrite of the AmigaOS for nowadays computers. There is currently no OSX port, but there is a modest bounty for doing such a port sources can be found here –> Thanks for reading.

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