“Ain’t got no sweet tea, ain’t got no fried chicken”

As I sat here drinking a bottle of Lipton sweetened iced tea with lunch, I ran across a good article about Southern sweet tea at Slate.

Here in Houston, when I don’t feel like making it myself, I get my sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A, Boston Market, occasionally McDonalds, or I buy a bottle of AriZona sweet tea from the corner convenience store.

When it was open, the Grandy’s in Austin near where I lived would sell gallon jugs of their awesome sweet tea, but they closed down in 2002-2003 and that location turned into a taco joint.

3 thoughts on ““Ain’t got no sweet tea, ain’t got no fried chicken”

  1. Offtopic, but the Grandy’s at Westgate (south Austin) is now a Hyde Park Grill.

    Being a northerner, I never got into the sweet tea thing. I love the fact that I can drink unsweet tea by the Bill Miller bucket, and it’s all zero calories.

    I don’t like it when I go back north and can find brewed iced tea, it’s often served in water glass-sized tumblers instead of the bucket-sized glasses we get around here.

  2. Texas isn’t the South. Neither is Florida. I was spoiled living in Atlanta. When you order “iced tea” you automatically get sweet iced tea. I have found this to be true from Virginia to Louisiana. But here in Texas? You’re lucky if you can find it and even luckier if it tastes right.

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