I live in one of the biggest towns in the US…

and so far, it’s been impossible to find anywhere in town that I can purchase a fake or “replica” Rolex watch. Sure, you hear stories of being able to buy them on the streets of NYC for $20, but here in Houston (even though we have a huge shipping port and tons of import shops with lots of knockoff/fake purses and perfume) they’re nowhere to be found.

Sure, there’s places on the Internet where I can buy high-quality “replicas” for hundreds of dollars, but I don’t trust them with my credit card information and just want a cheap fake. I’ve been looking on and off for two years now and nothing has turned up.

4 thoughts on “I live in one of the biggest towns in the US…

  1. why do you want to waste money on a fake? might as well by an authentic, less expensive brand that has models that look like rolexes.

    which model are you looking for and what do you want to spend? most anyone can afford a real rolex and i sell them! šŸ˜€

  2. there are plenty of negroes in the fifth ward that will sell you one for cheap…and you can get some phat barbeque to boot!

  3. Leah, because I can’t afford the “real thing”, and can’t justify spending that much on a watch.

    Cosmos, I will agree with you about the barbecue. White guys just cant make good barbecue.

  4. You’ll have to go down to Nuevo Progresso, Matamoros, or Reynosa. Pretty much any shop with watches has a decent selection of fake Rolexes on display.

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