I hate door-to-door sales people

Was getting ready to take a nap this evening, when someone knocked on the door. It was a couple of guys walking around in the rain from house to house, trying to sell Advanage cleaning products.

They didn’t look very legit (we’ve had too many break-ins around here lately), so I politely (but sternly) declined any sales pitch or demonstration, and they moved on to hit up my next-door neighbor. While they were giving him the pitch, I took some pictures just in case, and sent them to the local neighborhood association with a note.

Maybe I’m too paranoid, but two guys in street clothes walking around selling cleaning products (carrying nothing but a couple bottles and a duffle bag) in the rain makes me very suspicious.

4 thoughts on “I hate door-to-door sales people

  1. I had some guy stop by about some environmental cause. He knew nothing about the organization or what they were trying to do and was a little too pushy about me giving him money.

    I forget the name of the organization, but I contacted them and yes, he was actually one of their volunteers. I suggested they train them better.

  2. just looking at the photos it is obvious they are drug addicted theives. your lucky they actually went away. you would have been completely justified to shoot them in the face in self defense.

    where are the police when you need them…

  3. They definately look like fine, reputable businesspeople whom I would love to engage with for the purchase of cleaning services.

    I like the outfit choice of the second dude, wearing a tie and a ballcap.

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