Sunday Night Amiga Update

Decided to fiddle with the Amiga a bit and see if the GVP ‘030 board works. Once I dug up the correct jumper settings for the 3001, it managed to boot to the “please give me a Workbench Disk” screen.

The floppy drive is bad, so I “temporarily borrowed” the floppy drive tray from the second A2000:

A2000 Test

Using it and a Workbench 2.04 floppy, I managed to get a basic floppy-based system up and running:

A2000 with GVP 030/4M board

Once that was successful, I installed the other cards – an Amiga 2091 SCSI controller/RAM expansion, and a SupraRAM expansion. So far, they appear to work together and give me a total of 1M “Chip” RAM, and eight megabytes of “Fast” RAM:

A2000 with GVP 030/4M, A2091, SupraRAM board

Now I just need to find a couple 50-pin SCSI ribbon cables and a small (4G or less) SCSI hard drive…

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Amiga Update

  1. If you can’t find something local (and are willing to pay shipping from .at), I have a couple spare 1-4 GB SCSI-2 disks.


  2. I think I may have a drive to meet your needs in the leftovers of that pile of drives I got from you a couple years ago. I’ll check the pile tonite.

  3. Got 2 4GB 50-Pin drives sitting here that are all yours if you want them. If I get them dropped off in the mail tomorrow you’d probably have them Saturday at the latest.

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