Now I really feel like an idiot.

I went to install the replacement Amiga 2000 power supply, and discovered that I’d plugged the original power supply into the motherboard incorrectly, with the connector off-by-one. d’oh!

The original works fine:
Kickstart 2.0 Boot Screen

At least now I have a spare, and it only cost me $12.

4 thoughts on “Now I really feel like an idiot.

  1. Question – I notice you have it hooked to an LCD. Do you have a scan doubler or such on there? It syncs at 15Mhz and normally does not work on normal CRT VGA monitors without one. Do the LCDs sync down that low?

  2. Hi,
    I have loads of Amiga gear that I want to sell, cheaply.

    2 A1000’s
    external floppy
    A2000 pretty much spare parts. (Cracked agnus socket)
    Loads of software, games, productivity software
    memory chips 2+4 mb simms for A4000 and mem boards.
    Joystick+ trackballs
    scsi drives formatted and full of stuff.
    external scsi case w/ 2 9 gig barracudas.
    MFM drive 200mb with Video Toaster software for A2000
    external scsi cdrom drive
    innternal scsi cdrom drive
    email me

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