Audio DIY update

I screwed up my first attempt at a CMoy headphone amp by being in too much of a hurry (put the wrong part in a couple of places, then had to unsolder/resolder in the correct part), and ended up damaging the Radio Shack protoboard. The end result was that the right channel worked, but the left channel was completely dead.

I’ve got enough parts to build at least two more amps, so I’ll give it another shot (and take my time) on Sunday night.

Tonight (Saturday) I started and finished the crossfeed box and it works great – here are pictures of the end result, enclosed in a $2.50 plastic enclosure I found at EPO.

Yes, that is 3M blue painter’s tape. I have it on my workbench (to hold components in place while soldering) and used it to label and attach the bottom cover to the enclosure.